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Instagram, drowning in information

Article publié par Alya MIKOU  le 09/11/2020

Just like you, every morning I wake up and within seconds, I find myself on my phone, scrolling through Instagram. 

Once we enter the world of Instagram, we are directly overwhelmed by posts and stories. We see influencers sharing their breakfasts and outfits, artists sharing their new paintings, musicians posting their new songs…

Recently and mainly since March 2020, with the BLM movement, people have taken possession of Instagram to share committed content. We have all noticed an increase of this kind of neutral and transparent content which has led to a rapid paradigm shift.

Omnipresent information ....

The days of the superficial Instagram are starting to drift away. Photoshop is no longer a tool that is used to represent an idyllic and perfect world. 

This platform is now a way to inform. Influencers are now sharing petitions, fundraisers, associations, articles…  No need to read the newspapers; a quick tour of Instagram is enough to be up to date on everything.  The amount of information circulating makes it impossible to manage it all. The information is omnipresent and escaping it is no longer possible.

With everything going on currently in the world, every corner seems to be filled with bad news. We went from going on Instagram to see our favorite influencer’s latest posts during Fashion Week to going on Instagram only to realize how many horrible things are happening in the world (the Uyghur holocaust, femicides, racism, etc.).

We notice and learn about a lot of things in such a brief moment. The worst thing is that usually, we can’t do anything to help the people in need. We are just here looking at them living in injustice and torture without being able to make a difference.

The real problem starts with the countless amount of information and news we are confronted with; it pushes us to stop paying attention to all of them. Within seconds, a funny meme transforms into a post about a holocaust. We are confronted with major content but in a context that doesn’t allow people to become fully aware of it. This leads us to stop signing petitions and donating money. The enthusiasm we initially had fades away each day.

We all know that reading a post, following an association, or signing a petition won’t take us more than a minute and yet, we’ve already ignored a story with a swipe-up link for a petition without even looking at it. We all have closed our eyes at the misery of a person. That is mainly because we are submerged by pieces of information that aren’t always positive. Unintentionally, we avoid seeing and understanding all the horrors that are happening.

One can also raise the question of the influencers’ honesty. Are people trying to look good and improve their image when sharing these posts?  When the BLM movement emerged, some people questioned the transparency of some influencers, claiming that they only shared stories and posts to follow the trend of posting about the movement without truly supporting and believing in it. By adding informative posts and stories to Instagram, aren’t we also adding a form of hypocrisy?

Instagram can easily be transformed into a battlefield where the winner is whoever scrolls the fastest. Whenever we feel bored, we open the app only to close it within seconds because we feel like nothing is worthy of our attention. However, the truth is, there are so many things that are being shared every day that could really change someone’s life if only we could relax and take the time to slow down and read.

Make a difference

If you want to cultivate yourself and raise awareness to the issues that are currently happening, here is a list of today’s biggest dilemmas:

–       Uyghurs in China are being tortured because of their religious beliefs 

–       Sustainability and fashion 

–       Feminism: harassment, femicide 

–       Black lives matter: racism and police violence 

–       Nigeria #endsars: the movement against police brutality and oppression among the youth

–       Namibia #shutitalldown: protest against femicide and sexual-based violence

–       The silent holocaust in the DRC Congo

–       Violence against children

–       Election in the US (register and vote!)

–       Lebanon disaster 

–       Coronavirus pandemic  

–       Homophobia

–       Fat Phobia

Among the Instagram accounts that genuinely care about the issues listed above and should be on everyone’s “list of accounts to follow”, we can find : 

Uyghurs in China : @raphaelglucksmann

Feminism : @noustoutesorg and @gurlstalk

What’s happening in Africa : @a.forafrica

Fashion : @diet_prada

Daily News : @hugodecrypte

Health :@ecsdmed

7 réponses sur « Instagram, drowning in information »

What an excellent article! It’s already quite rare to see people addressing this major issue that we can find on Instagram, but it’s even rarer to see it being addressed in such an informative way.
Looking forward to reading other articles from you !

Thank you for adressing both sides of Instagram !
We often feel overwhelmed by the overflow of information that can occur on Instagram. You talked about the pressure and hypocrisy regarding some influencers, but also gave us ways to help with our own tools.
Very interesting article ! I look forward to read your work again.

Constructive and relevant point of view. I am very pleased to see such a review about Instagram and social media in general as we tend to forget about all the underlying mechanisms that rule over the latter. Love it!

This is a super important topic sans interesting to read since it defers from most articles that talk about mental health, it would be great to know about the author’s opinion how we can use Instagram to really show our enthusiasm for the causes we love. Also what really makes us stand out on Instagram. Our dependence of social media has really warped our view of reality, time is no longer an option, everyone has to have everything immediately.

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